Buds and Offsets-5

I could show a few every day at this time of the year.

Androsace carnea brigantiaca – grown from seed

Emerging Hepatica nobilis leaves

Saxifraga 'Leonardo da Vinci'
This lives where I put the yellow arrow on the following picture:

And a day later:

Saxifraga 'Leonardo da Vinci'
Anemone sp.

Cortusa matthioli 'Alba' – grown from seed, I hope for flowers this year


Buds and Offsets-4

Draba parnassica

Ginkgo biloba – it lives in a pot
The cicatrices of last years' leaves (many years) make it look like a cone.

Saxifraga 'Leonardo da Vinci'
It will flower the first time for us, I even don't know how its flowers look. There are pictures of this plant neither on the net, nor in my Saxifraga books.

Tulipa dasystemon
I got 5 bulbs about 3 years ago. Two died last winter, but three are thriving in a miniature rock garden with Androsace sarmentosa, Sedum sieboldii and Lewisia cotyledon. I have never repotted these bulbs, but every year give them a fertilizer with NPK: 14-7-21 after flowernig. Last year I showed them when flowering.


Bloom Day

I always forgot the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (the 15th of every month). I simply don't use to think about the date when gardening, although all my (our) pictures are saved with the date of the shot.
Here, better late than never, I show some pictures – this time of my husband – made on 15th March.

Hepatica nobilis growing in a large crock pot
Crocus angustifolius in a window box

Crocus sp. in the same window box

And here together

And finally the promise:

Primula marginata in a trough


It's Simply Spring

And I have a lot to write and show here, but –"So many species, so little time", as Kristl Walek says. I spend most of my free time between our beautiful plants, instead of the ugly computer. I make many pictures but they must be selected and resized to put here.
Now I have a little time to show you how our balcony looked yesterday in sunshine. On 6th March we put all the pots and boxes back to their places – winter is over now.

Now it's raining, but I tell myself that spring rain is good for plants, and try to make some pics with drips.

Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin' in rain

Saxifraga x elisabethae cv. in rain


Buds and offsets-3

Cyclamen coum & Eranthis hyemalis

Draba parnassica

Gentiana clusii

Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'

Tulipa tarda

Saxifraga x elisabethae cv.

Tulipa sp.
Hepatica nobilis


Déjà vu

I had a similar picture in my blog last year in March. Maybe it is a little boring already... :)