Our "garden" is mostly a balcony. There thrive approximative 85-90 plants species. We live on the ground floor of a house with a rather "wild" garden. Our balcony is looking to south-east. In spring it gets much sun before noon, but in summer it is partly shaded by a great nut tree. In spite of this, the boxes on the balustrade get sun until 2 p.m.  We are fans of the Alps and its flowers (see my husbands' pictures here) so we have mostly alpine plants in many miniature rock gardens. The pots with seeds sown and also a few larger planters are put out in the house's garden.
We have plants from seed sowing, buying and swapping. I am a member of the Vera Csapody Hardy Plant Society in Budapest and of the Scottish Rock Garden Club.

I have been registering the "happenings" of our "garden" beginning from January 2010.