I have written about it two months ago and I promised pictures when in flower.
Our balcony is not a good place for it because the plant gets sun only from one part and consequently the flowers open only on that part. It looks rather strange.

I bought some bulbs again:
  • Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin' – 5 
  • Tulipa turkestanica – 7 
  • Narcissus bulbocodium – 4
  • Sternbergia lutea – well, this was a present, many corms, the flowers just over.
Everything was planted in pots, the rest comes in spring.


Talk About Alpines

I was invited to another club to make a talk about our alpine plant hunting trips. It will take place on 3rd November at 6 p.m. The title is: Flowers in the World of Glaciers, and I will make a presentation about the Ortler region of the Alps and its flowers.



My husband catched (with the camera) a little hoverfly labouring on the Crocus pulchellus:

Some time ago I have thought that these are some kind of wasps, and one has to be careful with them. I learned from Ian Young's bulblog that hoverflies (Syrphus)  are very useful insects. They pollinate our flowers and their larvae eat aphids. And do not bite at all. So they are very welcomed on our balcony. :)


Two Autumn Flowering Crocuses and Other Corms and Bulbs

Yesterday was plant swapping day at our Vera Csapody Hardy Plant Society and I purchased again some bulbs and corms. Not too much, just to have a little display in spring and also in autumn, because last winter I lost almost all our bulbs.

I planted them all and I will write about these in spring when in flower.

I also bought two autumn flowering Crocuses:

Crocus kotschyanus
Crokus kotschyanus
Crocus pulchellus
Crocus pulchellus


We Must Prepare for the Winter

This autumn was very rainy and cold. The autumn colors are not so wonderful as usual as the leaves suffer from all kind of awful fungal diseases because of the much cold rain. Our lime tree has lost all his foliage by now, which in "normal" years had happened only by the end of October.
I don't want the alpines to be wet any more, so we put the cover on the troughs in the garden. We cooked up something new this year, my husband made it and I believe him that it is stabile and okay.

At last the leaves of Cyclamen graecum are showing up. I've got these corms two years ago, in rather bad condition though with some healthy roots. But until now I did not manage to convince them to flower. I think these are only leaves again:

Cyclamen graecum

Here you can see the size relative to my fingertip: