Here are my new Cyclamen seedlings (seeds sown by a friend, not by me):

Cyclamen africanum

 Cyclamen alpinum

Cyclamen cyprium

Cyclamen pseudibericum

Cyclamen repandum

The Cyclamen libanoticum is still sleeping.

Seed Pods-6

This time only one.

Here is the seed pod of the Bowiea volubilis shown a few weeks ago:

The diameter of the seed pod is about 8 mm, the seeds are 1,5 x 4 mm. And now is the plant really flowering!.


Repotting some seedlings-2

This has happend in fact on August 10, but is still absolutely topical, I think.

Lewisia rediviva

I've got the seeds from an SRGC member from England and sowed them on April 13th 2008. 5 seeds germinated after about 9.5 months, in 2009. They are repotted now at the first time. I learned that this is the time when deciduous Lewisias have to be repotted. The seedlings look like miniature carrots. They are approximative 4-5 cm long:

I made a compost with 1/3 commercial acidic compost for rhododendrons, 1/3 perlite, 1/3 sharp sand and a pinch of bone meal. I did not water them after repotting. In the resting period one has to be careful with water, so I better begin to water when they start to grow. That is now, after 3 weeks:

To have an idea about the size of this baby: this is a 6x6 cm pot. The grit is granite, I hope. I have bought it in a garden center, but they had no idea what it is (we are in Hungary!!!). I hope for flowers next Spring.
They are absolutely hardy here. they spent the last Winter outside, in dry compost. The leaves looked awful at the and of the frosty season but recovered nicely.

Cyclamen hederifolium

I've got the seedlings this Spring in our plants society. They rested during Summer almost dry and now I wanted to look 'in the wings' to see what was happening :) The corms were still very little, approx. 3-5 mm, and they just started to push out the new shoots:

They were potted, and after 3 weeks, look at the new leaves emerging:

I've got these also as seedlings in Spring, and now I only looked what were they making, I had not disturb the roots.

Cyclamen cyprium

Cyclamen libanoticum

Cyclamen pseudibericum

This is beginning to grow! So I watered it.
All these 3 are in 6x6 cm pots.

On this weekend (Sept. 5th) I watered all our Cyclamens to start them growing.