Winter is Lasting Forever...

Frost is persisting, the temperature does not increase above zero even at midday. It has been very cold for some days, just after I watered the alpines and early bulbs. I used to water them firstly around 17th February every year and this has been a good method until now. There used to be many buds and offsets by this time of year and they cry for water. But now this persisting frost is awful, I wonder whether my "good method" will prove a fiasco this time... We will see.

The beautiful buds of Hepatica nobilis look quite sad, the soil is frozen.

I took one pot with bulbs and one with Cyclamen coum and Eranthis inside in a cool room because I don't want to loose them.
According to the forecast, weather will not change next two weeks, only the day temperatures will be above zero to a hair.
Oh, Spring, where are you???

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